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Book Midbrain Activation Training Manual

Midbrain Activation Training Book special designed for Midbrain Activation Trainers and Franchise who are not get enough results and poor performance in blindfold activities after Midbrain Activation Training.

Book Midbrain Activation Training Manual

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When I started my Midbrain Activation Training after buying Four(4) yes four(4) franchises.... as there are more cheaters than genuine trainers in this field. I was about to leave this business as I was not getting enough results in Blindfold Activation, Midbrain Activation or Mid Brain Activation, what ever name but training remains same.
But one day when I trained a group of kids at an orphanage. As I decided to teach Orphan Kids once I will start my Midbrain Activation Franchise. I was surprised by the results I got and amazing stunt a kid was doing. Than I realized and as I am a National Trainer and International Presenter from JCI India and JCI, Only giant organization giving trainers to society. Than I started to work in depth and I just cracked it.
Many have two days workshop but I have versions like two days, one day, half day, three hours, one hour, fifteen minutes and without music too. Which shows the level at which I am operating in this field.
This is book for Midbrain Activation - World's First Beyond Midbrain Activation Train The Trainer Manual intended for Midbrain Activation Training trainers and Midbrain Activation Franchisers. This Midbrain Activation Training Book is going to make your workshop live, full of enthusiasm and result oriented with new depth of knowledge. This course manual all details and scientific explanations needed for trainers.
How activation works?
What is role of music?
Why age restriction up to 15 years of age?
In short it will be even a breakthrough to Midbrain Activation Training trainers and Midbrain Activation Franchisers.

Paperback book format with shipping is prepared to sell in India only for out of India please contact personally with location details or buy from any Amazon site of the world.


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