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Monday, June 22, 2015

Powerful theory of Beyond Midbrain Activation explained

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Get Detailed information about how Beyond midbrain activation theory is working and its powerful effect.

In this first post, we are explaining the Midbrain activation theory and its powerful effects.

Brain Vs Mind Duos.
Who is more powerful?
More robust?
More Dominating?

Long ago, A little boy named Aladdin, who just used to roam around found "the lamp". A special magical lamp. Which if rubbed by the owner, a genie will come out of it and will bless the person what ever he want. Fortunately or unfortunately we don't know who this genie was. Even we don't know who was Aladdin. But let me tell you guys. If I say that your brain is Aladdin and your mind is Genie. Than you will understand the whole story easily.

Who is more powerful?
More robust?
More Dominating?
Aladdin or THE Genie?
Your BRAIN or Your MIND?

According to science of Dermatoglyphics, the human brain develops millions of connections of neurons between 13th to 19th Week. And that’s maximum level of development a human can achieve to form his nature, to define his strengths, to develop his inborn abilities.

But if we discuss about mind, it’s developing constantly,
Not for many years,
Not even for many decades or centuries,
But for time definition we can’t imagine with our limited senses and understanding.

Beyond Midbrain Activation - The power of your subconscious mind for KIDS is educational entrepreneurship that translates brain and mind research to practical, easy-to-do as well day to day activities for KIDS.

Many get confused with this notion of mind vs brain. You can consider idea of software vs hardware. If Mind is software with written programs to perform than brain is hardware which;
Stores programs in hard disk,
Understand and Processes the data set and commands and
Perform the operation as instructed.

Although often compared to a computer, the human brain is far more complex and far more capable. And the human mind’s capacity is what we can’t imagine with our limited potential to understand.

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Beyond Midbrain Activation
The power of your subconscious mind for KIDS
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