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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mid Brain Midbrain Activation Training

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A discussion on Mid Brain or Midbrain Activation Training along with clearing “why to go for this” from your mind and also insights on need of professional Midbrain Activation Training.

We will discuss in this informative article about 

Why to take this professional Midbrain Activation Training?

I was surprised when I knew that how people looking at this Mid Mind or Midbrain Activation Training. As very few I came across who knows the importance of this training and it’s depth to perceive.

Why to take this professional Midbrain Activation Training?

When I started training back in mid-2014, it was very expensive one in those days. I precisely selected very professional trainer who is already a grand success in Mind Power and Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP, which was affiliated by a well-known company in Indonesia, epicenter of this concept.
But to my surprise none of a child got activated in our first workshop. That trainer instructed me while going back to his home that I have to play music every day to my child along with some exercises taught in the training.
I was serious and started doing it double than whatever instructed. After ten (10) days I asked trainer about “NO RESULTS” in my child. He given me series of excuses about mistakes I might make or my child is too logical etc.
Making the long story short I was forced to buy one more franchise in this area. Which means more investment (till I don’t consider it as an expense)? To my surprise second training from my own city Rajkot and after workshop we get 55 to 60 percent result. But sad news that my child is not still got activated. Again I was presented with excuses like
Your child is too logical!
Your child was not dancing, that’s why!
Your child was not participating hundred percent!
This second experiment leads me to taking action and buying two more franchise. And all results in vein. My child was not activated in all the four franchise I bought.
Meanwhile I was informed by few trainers that actually it’s Midbrain Activation Hoax. Really no child could do blindfold activation demonstrations but they are peeping through, a kind of cheating. And I decided to QUIT. As being certified International Trainer and professional Architect, I don’t want to cheat people and make money. Training is my passion.
But to my luck, I made a very nice effort in this area. I decided long back that whenever I will take this Midbrain Activation Franchise, I will do a free training to orphanage. And that training changed my life. During activation a child was identifying every time a flash card as white. Suddenly I understood that he is accessing cards from backside. Then I reversed flash cards and showed him backside of the card and to my surprise he was identifying it with 100% accuracy.
Then I realized power of Midbrain Activation Training and power within kids.
And since then NO LOOKING BACK.
I developed more than 20 different levels in Advance Midbrain Activation Training. I also made the training very fast and effective.
Like most of the Midbrain Activation Workshops are running for 2 days while I developed versions which can make blindfold activation within
Two (2) days workshop;
One (1) day workshop;
Half (1/2) day workshop;
Four (4) hours workshop;
One (1) hour workshop;
Fifteen (15) minutes workshop;
Activation workshop with or without music. Etc.
For those who are interested in our expert level trainings can

2)    Buy our range of “Advance Midbrain Activation Franchise”.
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